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Responsible for the staff, equipment, supplies, and materials at their assigned Voting Convenience Center (VCC). Delivers election results to the Santa Fe County Clerk on the evening of Election Day (ED), and is required to participate in Early Voting (EV) closing procedures if assigned to an Early Voting Convenience Center (VCC). Those serving as Presiding Judges MUST have previous election experience.

Primary Responsibilities:

 Supervises other Election Workers as assigned to the EVCC or VCC, delegates tasks, and
ensures each worker is performing their duties as assigned per the County Clerk;
 Maintains a secure and safe location (locks and unlocks site if able, keeps keys for ballot
boxes and tabulators in safe location);
 Leads and conducts opening and closing procedures, ensuring ballots are accounted for and
reconciliation process is accurate;
 Handles exceptions with voters such as Provisional ballots, Spoiled Ballots, and Absentee
Ballot Transactions;
 Monitors Ballot-On-Demand System and Tabulators, ensuring correct use of equipment and
assistance to voters;
 Maintains/enforces impartiality amongst voters and staff, ensures a non –campaigning
zone; interfaces with, and checks the credentials of, all Challengers, Watchers, Observers,
and Election-Related Organizations on-site at Voting Convenience Centers;
 Signs all Zero Tapes, Results Tapes, and End-of-Day Reconciliation Sheets;
 Ensures timesheets and attendance rosters are completed accurately;
 Maintains communication with the County Clerk’s Office Bureau of Election Staff as
 Signs hand-tally forms as needed;
 Performs, as needed, any activities assigned to Election Judges or Election Clerks.